Donalen Rojas Bowers

My First Web Site

Hi My name is Donalen and this is my first web site.  I was born in Hawaii and now live in Alaska.

My Mommy and Daddy first meet on the internet on Oct. 1996.  My Mommy was living in Manila, Philippines when Daddy found her.   My Daddy came to the Philippines for the first time in Dec. 1996 to marry my Mommy. 

I have been to the Philippines with my Mommy and Daddy two times and visited my Grandma

My Grandma Pepita lives in a small town called Bislig.  I have many aunts and uncles there.  I like to visit them because they take good care of me.

My Mommy and Daddy like to travel and so do I.  We have been to many places and this web site will show you some of my favorite places in the world.

My favorite toy is Mickey Mouse.  I love to sing with my Mommy. My name came from the combination of Mommy and Daddy….
DONAld and heLEN..

Born In Hilo, HI   Dec. 30, 1997

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