Donalen Rojas Bowers

My Philippines Family

My first Trip to     Manila, Philippines.

All my Cousins in Davao.

Grandma Pepita in paradise Island.

Gap Farm in Philippines.

Uncle Emmie, Grandma Pepita and Me.

Auntie Bebing Playing with me.

Uncle Emmie with wife at my Baptismal.

Grandma and Grandapa Bowers in Philippines

My Baptismal.

My Second Visit to  Philippines

Waiting in Tawian.

Dad & Me in Tarlac.

Us at Enchanted Kingdom.

My Younger Cousin Kevin.

My 1st Birthday.

My Cousin Jopette.

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Emie Rojas, Bebing, Jonahver, Saysay & Jopette.  They live in Tandag, Philippines.

Romel, Daisy Romeo, Aurora (Bebing), Gilbert. The Dragas Family from Bislig, Philippines.

Boy Rojas Family
Kerwin, Kesheen, Rose and Kestrel.  They live  in Bislig, Philippines